Hang up the Firefighters Hat.

Reposition IT as a business accelerator.

Eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks and smash business SLA's.

Benefits of Job Executor:

  • Allows IT to focus on strategy and service improvement rather than BAU tasks of implementing and managing the workload automation environment
  • Fast, simple migration of legacy job schedulers to IBM Workload Automation via Elyzium’s unique Workload Migrator tool (*available as an add-on to the contract)
  • Gain visibility into and manage hundreds of thousands of jobs per day from a single management console
  • Prioritise critical workloads to meet service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Lessen specialist skill requirements since JobExecutor assumes the infrastructure support role
  • Gain an enterprise level solution at a fraction of the traditional cost
  • Matches the security of an onsite implementation by retaining data on customer servers, with automation rules maintained in the Cloud
  • Enjoy zero touch implementation – everything is deployed and maintained in datacentres and is up and running within minutes, rather than a typical implementation cycle of 3-6 months for an on premise solution
  • 99.9% service availability

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