About Us.

Your perfect partner, guaranteed.

Job Executor is brought to you by Elyzium, experts in workload automation.

Established in 1998 as an IBM Premier Business Partner dedicated to delivering top-quality professional services and enterprise systems management solutions predicated on IBM Tivoli software, we've been through many exciting ventures and transformations. One thing that has never changed is our commitment to delivering value and quality to our customers.

Our raison d'etre isn't technology perse - it's how we implement that technology to help transform your business practices and processes and help drive your business forward. Our main endeavour is to ensure that you receive the return on investment that your expenditure and dedication deserves.

There are many IBM Business Partners out there and we understand that you have a choice in which one you select. We truly believe at Elyzium we have some of the finest, preeminent Tivoli consultants, business consultants and project managers in Europe and our commitment to you is to continually strive to exceed your expectations, deliver exceptional value and to offer you the best possible service every time you deal with us.

Our ambition is not to be a supplier of technology or services to you but to be a trusted, valued advisor - establishing a long-term relationship that is based on mutual trust, respect and honesty. Our reputation is jealously guarded and that is built on over twelve years of delivering on our promises and as such we have an enviable reputation within our industry.

For further information, please visit www.elyzium.co.uk or view our company brochure.