Performance, Security and Control.

Cloud without compromise.

Global Platform.

The JobExecutor service is built on IBM’s SoftLayer; a secure, global private network, with data centres and network points-of-presence in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Each datacentre is built to the same demanding specification, and each device—from servers to power strips—is connected to a single, integrated management system. Deployment and control of the entire platform is automated, with access to a single web portal and API providing on-demand scalability and management. With 13 data centres and 17 network points-of-presence linked via private 20GB point-to-point connections, SoftLayer provides exceptional geographic diversity.

Unparalleled scale.

With 100,000 physical servers under management and a platform built from the ground up for today’s Internet-scale applications, SoftLayer provides the capacity and capability for you to grow (or shrink) whenever your business requires it.

Modular infrastructure.

From hourly cloud instances to high-performance bare metal, turnkey big data solutions, and on-demand private clouds, you’re not locked in to a dozen virtual machine templates on a shared platform. SoftLayer provides access to more than 200 services via the API or portal from where it’s simple to provision servers, configure services, upgrade, reboot, scale up, or scale down. Please download the SoftLayer Datasheet for further information.